Himeji is the only one heartland of Japanese chain production.It is said that the origin of chain production can be found in medieval in Matsubara village (presently known as Shirahama-cho. Himeji city) where nails manufactured by steel heat forging method were supplied for the request of construction of the Himeji castle.After the construction of castle, the production of nails had continued and the products had been distributed under the name of "Matsubara nail". In the middle of 19th century, the production of nails for shipbuilding had been started. Rapid growth of chain demands caused by the WWI had accelerated and formed the chain production area. In such background of chain production booming of Himeji nails as local industries, our company was founded in 1396 as Hamanaka Chain Factory.

World Cultural Heritage
[Himeji Castle]

Our idea toward innovative production as a pioneer of industries is firstly seen in the introduction of large scaled electric welding machine (Flush Butt) to provide mass production of large sized chains, which was imported from Sweden in 1957 and of which installation was the first in Japan. Since those days, as a supporter of Japanese shipbuilding industry, we have been encouraged in Research/Development as well as Creation of ideas for unique production. Thanks to such our incessant effort, our company has achieved to be an industry enjoying reputation in the world market.


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