[Head Office]
  Hamanaka headquarters in Shirahama, Himeji
where we started sales and production in 1936.
Our group companies are also based in Shirahama, Himeji.
Trade name Hamanaka Chain Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Head office location Ko-770, Shirahama-cho Himeji 672-8023 Japan
Representative Go Hamanaka, President
Capital 50,000,000yen
Establishment March 21, 1936
Foundation October 28, 1950
History of Hamanaka Chain
Established Hamanaka Chain Factory for manufacturing forged chains
Reorganized to Hamanaka Chain Mfg.co.,Ltd.
Introduced Flash Butt-Welded Chain Making Machine
Class approvals for manufacturing Flash Butt-Welded Chain for Grade2&3 Supply of the 1st Offshore Chain
Supply of the 1st Offshore Chain
Supply of G4 quality chain
Approved API Q1
08.1994 Introduced Automatic Robots Chain Making Machine
05.1995 Introduced Automatic Stud Welding Robots
06.1995 Introduced Automatic Chain Conveying System
03.1996 Approved ISO 9001 (Quality)
10.2006 Approved ISO 14001 (Environment)
11.2007 Supply of R5 quality chain
07.2013 Approved OHSAS 18001 (HSE)

[Shirahama Plant]
Production plant for anchor chain for ships.

[Aboshi Plant Office]
Production plant for Continuous length chain, equipped with automatic system powered by IT.
  Oheshima 810-1, Aboshi-ku Himeji 671-1231 Japan
TEL:+81-79-273-7111 / FAX:+81-79-273-0313


Established a business office in Houston known as the
center of oil and ocean industry in the world.
  Hamanaka lnt.,Inc.
P.O.Box 19629
Houston.Texas 77224

OTC at Houston
Servicing our customers from capital city Tokyo
  Yuraku-Cho Bldg.717 10-1, Yuraku-cho 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 100-0006 Japan
TEL:+81-3-3213-8681 / FAX:+81-3-3211-7619

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